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It’s not the end of the world

A lot of people have been asking me to continue, but the simple answer to that is… I can’t.

Err I shouldn’t. School is hectic. And I get way too distracted when searching for the perfect pieces for my posts. //QUALITY>QUANTITY// I’ll get back when I’m all settled. But I just don’t know when that is…

Second pic is a repost, but it was just so perfect #noshame

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Can you guess the similarities?


The second picture is a coffee stain that turned into a tiger by way of ink.

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The first picture is not edited. Double exposure is a technique in which a piece of film is exposed twice, to two different images. The resulting photographic image shows the second image superimposed over the first. The technique can be used to create ghostly images or to add people and objects to a scene that were not originally there.

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Summer is near.

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